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I am the Founder of Powertech Hockey and Puckface Hockey.  A skills coach to several NHL Players and also to thousands of players and coaches. I met with Jason and had him speak at one of my webinars regarding Mental Toughness. Fantastic! Dr. Jason really resonated with my players as well as several parents and coaches. I had nothing but excellent feedback and many requests to have him back. What I like about Dr. Jason is the fact he understands Sports Performance from the perspective of an athlete and a doctor which is important to me. The passion for making people great oozes out of him. Players, Coaches or Parents......take the time to invest in Dr. Jason and Champion Mindset Group. You have everything to gain.

Andy P.

I worked with Kelsey throughout the summer to improve my mental game before heading back into the volleyball season. Confidence is an area of the game where I have always struggled and Kelsey helped me improve it tremendously which definitely showed on the court throughout the season. She helped me look deeper than just the broad scope of confidence at smaller steps I could take to improve it and not only taught me more about it as a whole but gave me applicable techniques I could take on the court with me. I felt like I was in a plateau in my athletic career and Kelsey helped me work through it and put me on a path to taking the steps to continue improving my game through the mental aspects of it. I truly believe that the work I did with Kelsey and the tools she taught me played a vital role in my success this season.

Jenna S.

Dr. Novetsky met with our junior varsity and varsity high school golf team. His presentation was fantastic and each player was able to take away something valuable. We look forward to working with Dr. Novetsky in the future. Many thanks.


Cindy C

I worked with Kelsey over the summer to prepare for my Junior year of college volleyball and it was great! I learned so much and helped me be a better player and teammate.


Olivia A.

"A lot of us did not realize how much of the game was mental, and we have not been putting the work in towards the mental part of the game. Personally, I have seen improvements in being able to slow the game down when things aren’t going my way. Breathing techniques have helped me calm myself before a big at bat or play and focusing on a certain spot in the ballpark allows me to flush whatever has happened in the past. I can’t thank Dr. Novetsky enough for opening this new world of the mental game of baseball to me."

Jared K

"Dr. Novetsky is fantastic. My son went to him when he was 12 and was struggling with enjoying his sport and performing. Dr. Novetsky helped him organize his mental preparation which made things fun so he could practice and perform better. A highly professional feature of Dr. Novetsky’s practice is that he’s not there to sell you more than you need. He teaches your child how to prepare on their own so they become self-sufficient. Once he sees that they are in a good place mentally he tells the kid that and they can work on their own which is good for the child and obviously cost effective for parents."


"I’ve been working with Dr. Novetsky for almost two years now and let me say that working with him has changed my game dramatically! If it wasn’t for the tools I’ve learned through private sessions on and off the course, I would not be playing college golf right now! This is defiantly something any athlete looking to take their game to the “next level” should look into because it’s the thing that took mine to the “next level”!!"


We had the privilege of Kelsey working with our Volleyball program starting in the spring of 2022. We were able to establish a foundation of a mental performance skill set and carry that into our fall 2022 season. Our athletes loved their experience. We focused on mental skills that prepared them for a national competition schedule on some of the biggest stages in NCAA DIII Volleyball. When we started, our focus areas included confidence, pressure, and team cohesion. As our group evolved and the season progressed, we were able to adapt our sessions to help our players focus, work through tough moments, and find joy in the game when we needed it most. Reinforcing with athletes on how to re focus and perform helped us take huge strides as a program this year. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership and building on the foundation she built with our team.



"My daughter is a talented figure skater but she has had some difficulty performing under pressure. Dr Novetsky has given her techniques to focus on her performance and control anxiety. Since working with Dr Novetsky, she has become more confident and successful in her performance. He even called her on a Sunday morning when she was feeling overwhelmed before a competition! We now consider her sessions with Dr Novetsky an integral part of her training."

Marsha Z

I began working with Kelsey going into my junior year of my collegiate swim career. I was in search of help navigating past trauma in relation to injury that had been hindering my sports performance for years and discovered so much more. Not only has Kelsey helped me appreciate the athlete I am currently, but also to discover a confidence that allows me to compete at a high level. Every session leaves me with the utmost satisfaction of feeling heard and understood and equips me with a multitude of tools that will enable me to continue to improve my mental mindset. Reconstructing mentality is never easy, but Kelsey is willing to be there every step of the way, allowing you to express your needs and adjusting the program specifically to the individual. All of our hard work has been the spotlight of my recent season as I have not only achieved best times in the pool but can see improvements in my everyday life. I finally feel as if I am moving in a positive direction, and I can not express my gratitude enough for Kelsey; I would recommend her to any athlete looking to improve.

Grace N.

"My husband and I knew we needed to take our son to Dr. Novetsky in regards to Mental Toughness. We both new Dr. Novetsky from different backgrounds, and both agreed he would benefit our son. This was an important investment to benefit our son’s ability to learn about mindset. Thinking positively and believing positively has improved our son’s athletic participation. He has a vision, goals and beliefs as to what needs to be done to achieve. Having positive self talk and thoughts, has helped our son with his performance. It is a work in progress and we can’t wait to learn more."

Mario G

"Since I have started working with Dr. Novetsky my athletic performance has been higher than ever. He has taught me to look at things more positively and has simplified my approach during competition. His idea that self talk drives how you live your life has stuck with me because I feel that as I have improved my self talk I have started to succeed more. Dr. Novetsky’s goal is to help people work on the things they struggle with instead of going by the book for every client. I look forward to continuing my work with Dr. Novetsky in the future!"

Josh Y

"I learned so much from Dr. Novetsky over five sessions throughout the winter. Going into my first Spring Training, I knew how important having a grasp on the mental side of baseball would be for my success. I’m so glad I worked with Dr. Novetsky. Everything I learned in his sessions is practical and easy to apply daily. I highly recommend any athlete to see Dr. Novetsky. You will learn so much and transform how your perform. You will be focused and motivated every day, and when it’s time to go on the field, you will be locked in and confident."


"Dr. Novetsky taught me the magnitude of the power the mind has over the body, and that any athlete who needs work with the mental side of his or her sport should consider taking the steps to strengthen their mental preparation with someone like Jason. I could tell that he took pride in what he does, and he genuinely cares about his clients. Positive thoughts and mental practices not only help with athletics, but can be applied to all parts of life. I recommend Dr. Jason Novetsky."


Jonathan L

"Dr. Jason Novetsky was incredibly helpful with making me a more mentally tough golfer. What I have learned from him has not only benefited my golf game immensely, but has also impacted my life in many other ways. Without him, I would not be where I am today."

Matt K

"I generally shy away from giving testimonials. However, when it comes to the fine work that Dr. Novetsky does, I will gladly make an exception. By the time Dr. Novetsky got a hold of my son, his confidence was shot and his baseball future was looking grim. Through his efforts, my son was able to understand the mental aspect of the game and regain his confidence. I am proud to say my son is now playing college baseball which would not have been possible without Dr. Novetsky."

Steven T

"My son is an 11-year-old AAA hockey player who started working with Dr. Novetsky this season. Since they began working together, my sons competitive edge has skyrocketed! Coach Jason, as my son likes to call him, has definitely brought my sons mental game to the next level, which has in turn improved his physical game. They meet a couple of times each month and after every session, my son is “mentally turbo charged” and cannot wait to start working on and implementing the mental tools and exercises that Dr. Novetsky prescribes. We look forward to a long lasting relationship. Thanks for everything Coach!"

Dr. H

Great program. We are in our 2nd year with Dr. Novetsky and our college players are loving it. 

Cliff H. 

Dr. Novetsky, or Coach Jason as my players like to call him, was a welcome and positive addition to our hockey team. While our players were a little on the younger end of the spectrum (03s/12-13 yr old), Jason did an excellent job of communication and keeping the players engaged all season long.

One of the principal goals of our team is not only to develop hockey players but to help transition these players from “kids” to “young men”. With Dr. Novetsky’s structured approach, our players have learned “life-long” strategies and mindsets that will help carry them thru high school, college and that thing called the “real-world”.

Our players learned mental toughness, focus, controlling the controllable events, how to deal with adversity and how to push themselves to reach their specific individual and team goals. Our team, with the leadership of Dr. Novetsky, created and put into place Team Core Covenants and a Team Identity Statement.

Dr. Novetsky will continue to be a trusted advisor to any team that I am involved with as he brought more to my team than I ever could have imagined!

Dan B.

My most valued life treasure, my son, was having issues with transitioning to the pressures of teenaged life and high level sports. Our best decision ever was to entrust him to Dr. Novetsky and Champion Mindset.


Dr. Novetsky takes an unparalleled approach to addressing a child where they are at with targeted, actionable techniques to break issues down to manageable chunks for immediate progress. His wholistic approach addresses an individual as a person as well as an athlete and helps them to define a self image and actionable goals that improve every aspect of their best self.


In just a few short months my son’s ability to recover from set backs, stress level, attitude, focus, mental preparation and performance have improved dramatically.


As a result of his outstanding, professional and productive work with my son, Dr. Novetsky will now begin work with his entire team. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with Dr. Novetsky and Champion Mindset.

Kristin E.

As a Division II women’s golf coach I am determined to help my players reach their full potential and I believe Dr. Novetsky’s guidance is going to provide the extra element they need to reach that potential. After three semesters of watching them struggle with scoring (not due to lack of talent) we decided the mental part of the game is where they needed to do some hard work. The very first session we had with Dr. Novetsky assured me we were doing the right thing! His expertise is without question and, despite having played DI baseball, he totally understands both the physical and mental aspects of the game of golf. Along with his sport specific approach Dr. Novetsky is also able to relate these concepts to my players’ lives off the course. They are terrific students and are implementing many of the concepts he has shared in their approach to academics as well.

I am excited to continue our work with Dr. Novetsky and feel confident we will see the payoff as we begin our Spring tournament schedule.

Meredith W.

How many times have you as a parent or coach observed your kids playing at a really high level in practice, but not being able to achieve the same level of performance in a game? Dr. Novetsky provides athletes with the tools that will help them perform to the utmost of their ability consistently in competition. He has worked with both of my sons and provided them with methods in the very first session that they were able to use immediately. They have both shown dramatic improvement in their ability to overcome adversity and not let a bad play become a bad game.

The process they have both gone through with Dr. Novetsky has been truly rewarding and enjoyable. They look forward to the sessions and always leave with a smile. Most importantly, the techniques taught extend beyond the playing field. They have used the mental tools taught by Dr. Novetsky to prepare for tests and have shown a marked improvement in the classroom.

Graham F.

Both of my boys work with Dr. Novetsky and it has made such a difference in their performance and their attitude in their sports. Not only has it given them both mental strength, they have learned to deal with the mental side of their sports in a way that, even after one visit, they were performing better. They are both more confident, positive and focused. They have learned to set goals and the path to reaching them.

My one son, the coach would always say “you need to want it more” yet, at a young age, we weren’t sure how to help him with the mental part of the game. Dr. Novetsky, has strengthened the mental side of his game so that he now knows what it means to “want it more” and is able to get through tough situations so much faster and to refocus. His coach now sees he “wants it more”.

Dr. Novetsky has been what our boys needed and it has paid off two-fold!


Working with Dr. Novetsky has had a powerful impact on my daughter’s performance in golf. She has learned to use mental routines before every shot and to use positive self-talk and other strategies on the course. She does mental practice to prepare for events and routines for pre and post game. At a young age, Danielle has learned to focus on what’s important, tune out distractions, and deal with stressful situations. The changes in her approach to play and her scores have been impressive. Dr. Novetsky has helped her to develop her goals and self-image. The success she has had in learning and using mental toughness will bring her success both on and off the golf course throughout her lifetime.


I had the privilege to play for Dr. Novetsky my Freshman year of high school. My team and I experienced his mental toughness lessons, so I was able to put this strategy into my next game. The mental visualizations made me emphasize my focus on what my goals were, and what I need to do to attain them. I have continued seeing Dr. Novetsky after my season ended. He has continued to mentor me not just with my athletic goals, but with life goals in general. Marrying these two objectives has made me think more about my life, it’s purpose, and what I am meant to be doing long term, with academics and sports. I would recommend to any athlete, even if you are not struggling currently, to see Dr. Novetsky, to strengthen you mentally in every aspect.

Thank you, Dr. Novetsky, for all you do!

Paul P.

Going through champion mindset group with Dr. Novetsky really helped me turn around my thinking. It really helped me get focused and ready for the golf season. It got me off to a great start to my golf year.

Justin L.

My son was struck down with one of the unspoken curses of baseball. Many times it’s called the “yips”. One day he forgot how to throw a baseball. As a sophomore, he had been brought up to the varsity team and was doing really well. Maybe it was the pressure? Who knows. All of the sudden, the day after one of his best outings he forgot how to throw. Balls would hit the ground and next would sail five feet over his target’s head. His release point was gone? Everyone told him not think about it and just do it. This made it worse. He thought he was going crazy. His coaches were dumbfounded. After a few months away from the game he agreed to meet with Dr. Novetsky. My son worked through the drills and processes presented to him by Dr. Novetsky. It took hard worked on his part, but he has slowly regained his confidence and ability to throw. Moreover, I’ve seen him pull from the same tool box to help him tackle issues beyond baseball. I’m very proud of his courage. I thank Dr. Novetsky for his help.


Our son recognized his mental game needed some help and Dr. Novetsky was just the guy to help. He continues to work with him and demonstrates the importance of a strong mental approach, along with teaching the skills needed both in practice and games. We see the progress and look forward to continued growth!


Jason did a baseball team event for me and my 14U team. At that age, the game becomes more serious and every advantage becomes like gold. Players who were “all stars” at the younger ages are not “equals” to their team mates and opponents so their egos were a bit fragile.

With the curriculum that Jason did, the players learned how to set and measure individual and team goals, how to control situations, how to take stress out of situations and how to focus on the task. They also learned the power of the team brotherhood and how the TEAM mentality can help them as individuals make it to the next level.

This was well worth the cost to do and helped some of my players who were questioning their abilities gain that extra edge back.

Best of all, many of the lessons Jason taught the guys were not just baseball lessons, but life lessons that they can apply to HS, College and their careers.

Thanks to Jason! Great job!

Jim C.

Dr. Novetsky,

Just wanted to touch base and let you know that we are seeing some great strides with our son in his mental toughness and attitude this lacrosse season. He made the varsity team and is showing an increased sense of maturity about his game.

Watching him this season really makes me believe that all the things you talked about are beginning to take hold and make sense to him. I feel he now understands how practical and applicable it is to him….not just something other people say and do but something he really has control of that will yield good results. We are grateful for your assistance in this process.

Jill G.

I am very thankful that I met Dr. Novetsky. I couldn’t be happier that I am working with someone who knows so much about the mind. It is nice to have someone that understands what is going on in my thought process when I am in the moment of playing golf. He has a lot of good drills and information to take on and off the golf course. I am excited to see what this next year will bring and continue to work with Dr. Novetsky to follow my dreams!


I was at a loss for what else to do with my team. I tried everything I could think of, pulled out all the coaching stops, yet we were still grossly under-performing and just couldn’t pull out the wins. It was as though we were afraid to win. After just one team meeting with Dr. Novetsky and Dr. Wood we found a couple key tactics and phrases that we carried with us throughout the remainder of the season which culminated in a State Championship. These guys are definitely a key in working with the ever important mental side of sport. A great resource our team will continue to work with in the future.

Jen D.

I have worked with Dr. Jason Novetsky privately and with my team, he gave me the tools to become a mentally tough competitor. I cant thank you enough!

Thank you Jared and Jason!! Your expertise got my USTA Tennis team to disrticts!

Susie M.

My daughter was preparing for an important championship swim meet and wanted to do everything she could to be her best that weekend. Dr. Novetsky gave her the tools she needed to be mentally prepared for her races and the pressure that goes along with them. Not only did she swim personal bests in both of her events she learned skills that will help her in competitions in the future as well as in life.

Inga L.

Dr. Jason Novetsky is a former teammate of mine. He was a terrific pitcher and is an even better man. I have the utmost respect for him and his program because Jason has played the game at a very high level. He knows what is going on internally as the games progress and players are placed in different situations. He comes at this from the psychological side and the side of someone that has “been there, done that.”

Dale E.

Dr. Novetsky and Dr. Wood did a presentation with our high school golf team on “post shot routines.” The presentation was absolutely ON TARGET. Many golfers have consistent pre-shot routines that include visualization; most do not have a post shot routine. Dr. Wood and Dr. Novetsky provided a perspective that can be applied on the golf course, in the classroom, and in the workforce.

Cathie F.

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"I heard about Dr. Novetsky through a fellow golf competitor. I hadn’t played with her in a while and when we were paired together in a tournament, I noticed how her game had really improved. I asked what she had been doing in the off season, and she mentioned Dr. Novetsky. I called him that day. My competitive golf has been different ever since. Prior to meeting Dr. Novetsky, I had read every Bob Rotella golf book, Zen golf and others regarding the mental aspects of the game. I gained a lot of insight from these books but Dr. Novetsky has helped me really work these ideas into my game. I had a very successful golf season and with Dr. Novetsky , have reassessed my goals with plans for an even better next season. The most interesting part of my sessions with Dr. Novetsky is that I came to him for advice with my golf but in the process have learned more about myself. This has helped me in my career, my personal relationships and how I see my future. I highly recommend Champion Mindset Group. Dr. Novetsky will not only help with your sports ambitions but it may surprise you how much you discover how these techniques apply to your everyday life."


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