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 About Coach Kelsey Gustafson

Kelsey Gustafson joined Champion Mindset Group as an independent associate (non-employee) Mental Performance Coach in 2022 after completing her graduate work at Adler University in Chicago, IL and a successful collegiate volleyball career at Albion College.


As a mental performance coach, Kelsey believes that many factors contribute to the development of a great athlete. The athletes that take time to become mentally in-tune with themselves are the athletes that become champions. Mental performance, to her, is about understanding how athletes’ minds can influence their overall performance both in and out of competition.


Kelsey's philosophy is centered on redefining what it means to be an athlete and how each person's goals and values can influence why they play. Kelsey also focuses on stress management, emotional control, growth mindset, visualization, relaxation, attentional focus, and reframing pressure to enhance overall confidence levels. Along with individual performance coaching, Kelsey has experience working with teams on cohesion, coach/team communication, and leadership.


Kelsey has a Master’s degree in Sport & Human Performance from Adler University and her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology & Communication Studies from Albion College. Within her four years at Albion, Kelsey competed in volleyball as an outside hitter/defensive specialist. She also has a basketball, track & field, and competitive figure skating background.

Phone: 586-246-5551


Follow Coach Kelsey on Instagram @coachkelseympc 

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